Online Vision Boards

Mobilize Your Vision

Make Online Vision Boards Using Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

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Make your vision board come alive with dynamic content such as videos, music, articles and quotes by creating private vision boards using Facebook Pages, Google+ or Pinterest.

The ebook shows you how to produce your own online vision board using social media applications that you already know in addition to the five types of vision boards you can create.

Look Inside Online Vision Board eBook

My ebook is easy to follow and read on any mobile device. It has illustrated instructions so you can get started on an online vision board in no time.


Benefits of Having an Online Vision Board

Vision Board Old and New

It’s Time for Your Vision Board to Join the 21st Century

The benefits of transferring your vision board to an online version are numerous:

  • Available to inspire you 24/7 anywhere… anytime.
  • Share inspiring images, videos and articles that you find online directly to your vision board to keep it fresh and inspiring.
  • Add music to keep you in a positive state of “allowing” while you look at your vision board.
  • Have multiple vision boards for each goal and desire.
  • Create a motivational board with every single bit of button pushing you need to get you into action.

Mel Wells in the roundI have been making vision boards and writing affirmations for over 30 years. In the beginning I was a graphic designer and painter so I always had very cool looking custom affirmations hanging from my wall or in an art journal. Many of my heart’s desires came true as I experienced travel, creativity, education, love and learning.

When I had access to a computer my vision boards came to life. With PowerPoint my vision boards became a storyboard complete with music and animation. After awhile I added content to these new vision boards that were outside of the typical vision board adding new functionality to the initial purpose of a vision board.

Then I realized my vision board could expand into an entire website. I made a private WordPress website and played with blog elements and pages and plugins and slideshows. My vision board began breathing and taking on a new life with all the interesting and inspiring things I found online and shared to it.

I researched the elements that make creative visualization more effective and read many books on affirmations, law of attraction, motivation and manifestation. From all this I created a great program and system to make vision boards come alive with content and simplicity of design.

Most people don’t know WordPress so I looked to platforms they already knew such as Facebook or Pinterest. I saw even with these more simpler applications the vision boards made from them could have the same powerful experience.

I wanted to make this technology available to everyone so I made three videos on how to create online vision boards on social media platforms. You can really pack these with great stuff and add all kinds of media to make them dynamic and more effective.

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