DIY Mobile Vision Board

Vision Board Old and New

It’s Time for Your Vision Boards to Enter the 21st Century

Make 2017 Your Epic Year. Fill the months with magic, great progress and tangible results.
How? With vision boards… Seriously?
The vision boards I’m talking about can create the inspiration and strategic vision required to make dreams come true.

They can also produce the motivation and movement into action that is the ultimate game changer for granite reality manifestation.

So a poster board covered with magazines is going to change my life?
Maybe not.
But a vision board that is both specific and holistic, dynamic and eventful and supported with music, passion and multi-media can provide a lot of force and faith to move those very mountains that currently stand in your way. I’m going to show you how to make such a thing.

Starting right now, collect all the quotes, images, articles, video and music that inspire you. Find things on the internet that you’ve bookmarked or have saved someplace and put it in a folder on your desktop. Put all your inspiring online articles into one place. Find things in your house that inspire you. Take digital photos of them.

Find the stuff that makes you filled with power, passion and “I mean-it motivation.”

Gather material that shakes you whether it is a positive “yes I can” or a shake that is “I want that… I want that so so badly that it burns a hole in me because I don’t have it.” This includes:

Things you desire such as:

  • Experiences you want to have
  • Qualities you desire
  • Objects
  • Lifestyle you want
  • Things you want to succeed at

Things that make you feel wonderful such as:

  • Quotes that lift you up
  • Images that give you hope
  • Songs that make you soar
  • Videos that open your heart

Stuff that gets under your skin
. That’s the stuff I’m referring to. Anything that gets your mojo working. Find all of it and put it in a central location somewhere in your world.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a link, a video, a piece of paper, a cd or a fortunate cookie. Find this stuff somewhere… anywhere and pile it up. This is the very stuff that is going to make 2016 an Epic Year.

I offer a lot of material to structure and place all your hot stuff into not just a vision board but a vision experience for 2016. Plus I will be making material for you to add to that pile throughout the year but start with a foundation you create and start now.

Organize by WHEN you need material

What I suggest you do is transfer your hopes, wishes, goals and the hot stuff into your phone, laptop or tablet so you can access it anytime you need it. This means organizing this material into buckets of stuff by when you need it. For example have materials bunched together for these possible reasons:

  • Inspires me to action
  • Makes me feel good and upgrades my vibration
  • Keeps me believing and having faith in certain outcomes

When you’re feeling blue… access materials that you decided can help you through that. When you procrastinate.. access materials that you selected that motivate you to action. Figure out what materials you need and when you need them. Organize them according to that criteria and you will find that you have a vision board that is working for you 24/7.

Write down moments in your life that you anticipate a need for a quick change in attitude. Name them as buckets or piles.

Take digital photos of the non-digital material you have such as poster board vision boards, tarot cards you like, angel cards, photographs of people you love, scraps of paper with a favorite quote on it. Take photos of things you’ve circled in books. Take videos of moments in dvds that inspire you or motivate you.

Then sort it with the stuff you found on the internet and organize them into buckets of stuff that you will need to keep you moving forward.

Next you are going to…

Mobilize Your Vision

There are many ways you can make an online vision board that you can access on your mobile phone or other mobile device. You can use software applications, internet applications, specially designed vision board applications and my favorite… social media applications. Most of these have privacy settings to keep your vision board away from the nay-sayers in the whole world.

There are online vision board applications available on the internet that are specially designed for vision boards. Jack Canfield has one and Dream It Alive is another one.

I prefer applications that I already know and use everyday so I can avoid a new learning curve but more importantly I prefer adding to my vision boards throughout the week and this means having them in an application that I use all the time.

I’ve tried all kinds of vision boards online and here are some of the ideas and methods I’ve discovered.

Slide Presentation Software
You can use software applications like Powerpoint, Apple’s Keynote or Google Docs version Slides. Make each slide into a separate idea or inspiration. Create as many slides as you need.

When your slideshow or slideshows are jammed with your heart’s desires simply run a slideshow of it anytime you need a lift. Make multiple documents for each wish if you want. You can also export your slideshow as a .mov and upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and watch it (with privacy settings on if you prefer) to keep you moving forward. You can also put it on to access it there.

Text Document Software
If you’re more comfortable with Microsoft Word, Apple’s Pages or Google Docs then use any of these to create a digital vision board. Insert your images and enter all the inspiring text you have into one document or several documents. Convert them to PDF so you can access them on the phone or have them on the Cloud or with Google Docs access them from the app.

YouTube has a Creator Studio that you can access from your user profile settings. Insert images and video then type in text to make custom designed videos. It’s easy and a quick way to create a vision board movie and edit and add to it anytime.

Blog Websites
These kinds of online vision boards are really, really amazing because you can go very deep with them. I started with a WordPress vision board website and it is pretty darned great. But this is really for those of you who are already blogging or comfortable with website design. has free sites you can make and keep private. Also is Google’s version of a blog site and is also dynamite for an extensive online vision board.

Social Media Platforms
Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest can all be used as vision boards. Yes. And I LOVE THEM for that. I love them so much that I wrote an ebook on how to use them for vision boards. In short you create private unpublished Facebook Pages to make online vision boards in Facebook. Make a private community in Google+ and of course Pinterest is great for vision boards using their secret boards.. however I prefer Google+ most of all for this kind of online vision board.

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When in Doubt… Focus Out

This means when you start to feel the creepiness of resistance set in on the process of creating positive change in your life simply stop and switch your focus outward…. away from an inward doubtful expression.

When you focus out often times you find the energy you need to jumpstart a new trajectory. An online vision board can help with this as repeated use of fresh inspiring information creates new neural pathways that change your attitude and behavior over the course of time. Once your focus shoots out you can actually SEE the world and the opportunities that live there that give you more purpose and direction.