Your Magic Is Real

Several years ago I saw a photo of a bedazzled piano that sat in the Lower East Side Girl’s Club in New York City. The piano was kind of beat-up; decorated with paint, love, chaos and rhinestones.

It looks magical but not magical in the way that illustrations of twinkling fairies in fantastic gardens look magical. The tiny gaps between the black and white keys indicate an instrument that was banged on more than your average piano. Indeed this thing has old magic in it. Beat-on grit-driven magic.

For many, many years the Lower East Side was filled with very, very scary people and piles of unconscionable garbage. I know. I lived there when I was a loft-living artist. I imagined these girls living in the Lower East Side sitting at that piano looking at those words “your magic is real” then looking outside at the streets; then looking back again… your magic is real.

When your surroundings seem bleak, limiting, and unrelenting how do you stay believing in your capacity to transform it especially when you’ve lost faith in your ability to make any impact whatsoever? The deeper into the ditch you are the less magic seems available.

Using invisible imaginary forces to initiate change is considered by some to be utterly insane, however, many of us have taken flight from a runway built from these four words: your – magic – is – real.

It is this kind of magic I speak to and speak of. Magic that is not in a golden chalice but found in a used styrofoam coffee cup filled with rain water, an empty matchbook and butterfly wings.

Expect some of the unacceptable conditions that come into your life because they will come… they just do… at least for awhile.

You may sit on the piano bench for a mighty long time staring at the keys not knowing where to start. Staring at the words your magic is real not knowing what you really are. All you have to do is play one key. The sound from that action heralds in all the magic you will ever need. What are you waiting for? Know what you really are. Claim your magic and play your song.