My name is Mel Wells. I am a multi-media artist and longtime student of personal growth and creative visualization. I’ve made art, music, radio shows, coaching applications, videos, books and inspired people to love who they are and move forward using their true purpose and talents as a guidance system.

I started making vision boards and writing affirmations over 20 years ago. I was a graphic designer and painter so I always had very colorful and creative custom affirmations hanging from my wall or in an art journal.

Many of my heart’s desires came true as I attracted amazing creative projects, traveled, went to college, worked with and loved many great people.

I became a web developer and eventually placed all my creative visualization content into an entire website. My vision boards became more animated as I added videos, audio and amazing threads of content.

I’ve read dozens and dozens of books on affirmations, motivation, resistance, changing habits, the law of attraction, and creative visualization then created a great program and system to make manifestation and transformation more effective and highly engaging.

I’ve had a wide range of life experiences from being in punk bands, Gestalt therapy groups, boardrooms and biker bars.

I went to Massachusetts College of Art, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and Tufts University then attended The Art Students League in NYC and New York Studio School.

Creative Life
I was a devoted fine arts painter for decades. Buzzed my hair off and spent months alone in Europe copying paintings in museums then moved to NYC to paint and live in somewhat joyful creative bliss and full on squalor. I did performance art; played in punk bands; founded and played bass in a drag queen R&B band; co-produced rock operas and music benefits; and built a club where artists and musicians could perform free-range.

Inner Life
Spent untold hours doing intense personal growth seminars, intensives, Gestalt and Jungian therapy and group work. I meditated formally and meditated wildly and journeyed into my own darkness and light. I had the honor of attending Life Death Transition workshops by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Completed the lessons in “A Course in Miracles” and am a teacher of it.

Making a Living Life
I marketed jazz clubs, rock clubs, real estate agents, bands, businesses, colleges, art schools and restaurants. Designed and produced over 70 websites, dozens of logos and videos. I presented and trained executives of multi-million dollar corporations and heads of government agencies. I co-created online coaching products and learning style assessments. I did workshops for CEOs of companies then became one.

My entire life so far has been a miracle of incredible experiences, creativity, and deep relationships. I am currently living in Boston, Massachusetts with my dog Ramone.

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Based on John F. Kennedy’s “Landing on the Moon” speech
I believe that humans should commit themselves to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of developing the ability to heal the planet and its inhabitants using our ability to manifest change using the power of conscious intent.

No single endeavor in this period will be more important than the raising of our consciousness in two ways:

1) Develop the ability to forge reality, manifest, and heal with our minds amassed together as one. How else are we going to repair the atmosphere of an entire planet?

2) Transform the values that have condemned our species and all other living creatures to serve an outdated and unsustainable system. I envision these archaic values fading off as phantoms of an age where compassion, love, and kindness were treated as trinkets compared to power, entitlement and status.

This will not cost a single penny but it will cost a perception of reality that many still hold as precious and reliable.

My mission is to teach people how to move from vision to action to non-attachment; to relieve inner suffering; then help assemble us to expand our reach and heal on a global level.