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Hello, my name is Mel Wells.
I am a multi-media artist and vision board designer. I create material that inspires and helps you see and express what you want more clearly so you can move forward with focus to actualize your dreams and desires. These materials support creative visualization in addition to materials that promote action. Plus, they are fun to make and work with.

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Make your vision board come alive with dynamic content like videos, music, articles and quotes by creating vision boards using Facebook, Powerpoint, Google+ or Pinterest.

Vision boards are no longer confined to images from magazines glued to cardboard. I’ve created what I call “online vision boards.” These are vision boards that exist on website platforms ranging from an actual website to a simple Facebook Page. The content can include all kinds of inspiring media such as videos, music, quotes and slideshows.

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Create affirmations that resonate with your personal truth and life purpose. Most affirmations are written in a generic fashion with simple sentences and broad-brush concepts.

This workbook gives you a list of 300+ words and instructions on how to integrate them into affirmation writing. It also offers several methods to make your affirmations more believable and effective. Customize your affirmations so they speak to you directly using your unique values, purpose and power.

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